About This Project


Visual Identity & Packaging

Young Salt is a contemporary London Dry Gin passionately handcrafted in Belgrade, Serbia. Idea behind design concept was to portray experience of gin itself with the story of journey one make thorough his life while sailing on a different seas. Calm sea, waves and whirlpools as three different states can be seen at many levels. Series can be seen as a literal illustration of liquid in the bottle, illustration of a sea, as possible life journey situations but also as stages of drunkenness as well. Legends of gin making are spoken by different ‘sailors’ and this one is special in many ways as this is also a family story created by two brothers Marko and Uroš with passion and care in the search for The taste, smell and ultimate experience of handcrafted gin.

CD, AD, Graphic design: Stefan Knežević


Photography: Super Cake Studio


Year: 2020

award, Chevrolet, Competition, Design, graphic decign, Hollywood, Stefan Knezevic, Visual, Young Creative Chevrolet Competition