About This Project


Vegetarian fast food
restaurant concept

Leaf is a vegetarian fast food restaurant concept with brand book containing visual identity, business papers, custom font, brand campaigns (B2B and B2C), slogans and packaging.


Visual identity imagines how the fast food brand industry could transform in a more healthy, clean and beautiful way.


Ideas such as one color meal with modular packaging that saves space or “TasteColours” slogans for campaigns, connecting food and art through visuals, are the communication paths that define this brand spirit. Custom made font reflects individuality and elegance of the brand, inspired by the nature and the future way of food design. System for a logo, logotype and symbol allows the brand a more creative communication.

CD, AD, Naming, Graphic design, Packaging: Stefan Knežević


Concept design for Master studies at Faculty of Applied Art, Belgrade


Year: 2012

Campaign, Design, font, Graphic design, leaf, Shonski, slogan, tagline, Typography, vegetarian, Visual identity