About This Project


Catalogue and exhibition design

Using new media and technologies, Digital Studenica is created as an interactive, educational and informational platform, which aims to present the landmarks and the cultural and historical heritage of the Studenica monastery cloister in an interesting and ground-braking way.


Live View Studio with Marko Todorović as a CD & AD, called us to be part of a group of professionals that created this beautiful project. We had a pleasure designing the official catalogue and exhibition elements such as AR Info board, AR interactive tables and VR booth.


Digital Studenica is a project realised in 2018, under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia, and with the blessing of His Grace Bishop Justin of Žiča.

Production: LiveViewStudio


Concept, AD, IxD, Photography: Marko Todorović


Design: Stefan Knežević


Client: LiveViewStudio


Year: 2018

AR, augmented reality, Catalogue, educational, Exhibition, exhibition design, Graphic design, interactive, LiveView studio, Monastery, Studenica