About This Project



New Layers is a series of 7 visuals inspired by art that we saw as an energy consisted of many layers.


Using the language of lines, shapes and colours we created a new artistic expression that takes the viewer into a dynamic colourful world where creativity flows and the associations from the subconsciousness arise.


Creativity, Rhythm, Inspiration, Connectivity, Play, Emotion and Strength are the artworks that for us represent the most important layers of art and of life as well. Visuals are liberated from the usual format so they build a specific relationship with space and people exploring it.

Artworks: Vanja Seferović, Stefan Knežević


Gallery: UK Parobrod, for the Belgrade Week of Art


Year: 2013

abstract, art, artwork, artworks, colorful, creativity, digital paintings, emotion, Exhibition, inspiration, play, rhytm, Shonski, strenght