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Solo exhibition

Anatomy of Realism - For Life You Need Both Heath and Balls is Stefan's first solo exhibition. After graduating from the Faculty of Applied Arts and practicing graphic design as a technique of expression, he presented his work to the broader audience for the first time in this way.


The exhibition represents a (self) analysis of the individual and the society in these modern times, seen by the artist through the anatomy of human body.


Each visual has its name with the intention to provoke various types of experiences depending on the individual and, as such, to stimulate the observers to start thinking about this reality. Titles of the works represent things the person needs in order to be able to live in the "real" world in a witty, ironic and sometimes accurate manner. The aim of artist is to encourage imagination which is as an integral part of life and, as such, inseparable from reality.

Anatomy of realism_Exhibition_StefanKnezevic_Shonski_Hearing
Anatomy of realism_Exhibition_StefanKnezevic_Shonski_Knowledge
Anatomy of realism_Exhibition_StefanKnezevic_Shonski_Agression
Anatomy of realism_Exhibition_StefanKnezevic_Shonski_Restraint
Anatomy of realism_Exhibition_StefanKnezevic_Shonski_Light
Anatomy of realism_Exhibition_StefanKnezevic_Shonski_Attitude
Anatomy of realism_Exhibition_StefanKnezevic_Shonski_Money
Anatomy of realism_Exhibition_StefanKnezevic_Shonski_Strenght
Anatomy of realism_Exhibition_StefanKnezevic_Shonski_Space
Anatomy of realism_Exhibition_StefanKnezevic_Shonski_Wings
Anatomy of realism_Exhibition_StefanKnezevic_Shonski_Direction
Anatomy of realism_Exhibition_StefanKnezevic_Shonski_Karabanana
Anatomy of realism_Exhibition_StefanKnezevic_Shonski_Style
Anatomy of realism_Exhibition_StefanKnezevic_Shonski_TheEnd

Stefan Knežević / Solo exhibition


Gallery: UK Parobrod / Belgrade


Year: 2012

anatomy, art, Balls, contemporary art, Exhibition, expression, Graphic design, Heart, human, minimal, modern, Parobrod, Solo exhibition, Stefan Knezevic