About This Project



The exhibition “Fearless” by the artist Stefan Knezevic aims to move the observer from everyday life into the field of ‘space for isolation’ in which the personal narrative stands out and is established in relation to the reading of the whole from the wall. By presenting "fearlessness", Knezevic insists on an independent view of the project concept that becomes a mirror in which the visitor re-examines his own patterns, which in certain segments can be psychological or sociological, further resulting in an individual projection of experiential content within the gallery space.

The interactive project becomes a set of reading the texts on multiple levels, and they get further interpreted according to the spectators’ own opinion. In that sense, the ambience of the setting becomes a ‘space for one’ in which a kind of dialogue takes place between the artist’s message and the personal experience of an individual.

Stefan Knežević / Solo exhibition


Belgrade Youth Center


Photography: Viktorija Jovanović


Year: 2021

brand identity, branding, brewed, craft gin, gin, illustration, label design, packaging, spirits, young salt gin