About This Project


Logo design

Custom designed symbols for logos and visual identities of various brands, festivals, products, agencies, companies, organisations, artists and exhibitions.

Anberg / Import and trade company

NELT / Winery

Etien De Souza / Luxury furniture

ADC / Trade

Zavod Terapevtika / Yoga & Massage centar

For life you need both heart and balls / Exhibition symbol

M / Marketing agency

Support is success / Banca Intesa internal communications symbol

Makevic / Organic food and beverage

Dr Kozarev / Medicine & Cosmetic

Sky apartments / Hotel

DOBA / Wine

CardioS / Cardiology Congress symbol

Balcan Food Alliance / Organisation

Ripaljka / Waterfalls natural monument

Fortis / Frozen fruit transport

Banca Intesa / Internal communications team symbol

Humanitheaterian / Art festival

East Concept / Art store

Sabishii / Application

EDU Centar / Green house building

94 / Club

Leaf /  Vegetarian fast food concept

Smederevska Jesen / Agriculture and tourism festival

Graphic design: Vanja Seferović, Stefan Knežević

Design studio, Graphic design, Logo, Symbol, Visual identity