About This Project


Limited edition wine series

DȎBA is a limited edition series of four different wines - Morava, Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc, designed for NELT Company and their winery.


Series is named after the place where the vineyard is located, in Dobanovci, Serbia. In Serbian language word “Doba” also has a time connotation and it is used to describe a “time of the year” or a “specific time in history”, very important for wine making.


Visual identity and label design was inspired by four elements crucial for grape growth – water, earth, air and sun. Elements are illustrated with typographical characters from the company’s name, in a way that each letter is used to design a specific pattern that illustrates one single element. Together four wine labels symbolically write the name of the company, NELT and tell a story of it’s creation. Labels are made entirely from gold/silver foil embedded on black matte paper and in that way emphasizing uniqueness of the edition.

CD, AD, Graphic design, Naming, Label Poems: Stefan Knežević


Client: NELT


Year: 2019

brand identity, Design, Graphic design, label design, Logo, logo design, NELT, Visual identity, wine