About This Project


Art festival

Visual identity of Belgrade Week Of Art 2015 is a result of the visual language we have been developing for this festival for a couple of years. For this year we designed a custom typeface inspired by the ideology and the energy of the festival, with each letter containing seven colors that symbolise each day of BNU's week. The whole visual identity is formed with letters that carry information and form a unique visual expression. The slogan “B for Belgrade”, connects the visual identity with the main purpose of Belgrade Week Of Art, showcasing and nourishing Serbia's capital city young art scene.

BNU_BelgradeWeekOfArt_Festival_Shonski_Visual Identity_Number5
BNU_BelgradeWeekOfArt_Festival_Shonski_Visual Identity_Programe_flayer2
BNU_BelgradeWeekOfArt_Festival_Shonski_Visual Identity_Flayer2
BNU_BelgradeWeekOfArt_Festival_Shonski_Visual Identity_segment

CD, AD, Graphic design: Vanja Seferović, Stefan Knežević


Typography: Vanja Seferović


Client: Belgrade Week of Art


Year: 2015

art, Belgrade, colors, Design, Design duo, Festival, Graphic design, letters, Poster, Shonski, Typography, Visual identity, week of art